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The Americas undeniably possesses huge landmasses that comprise a number of regions and islands, and travelling its entirety is quite challenging—especially if you are relying on land travel via a mere motorcycle.

Even though 8.3% of the Americas cover the total surface area of the Earth, this did not stop Brazilian couple, Sinomar Godois Tavares and Edivania Marques, to traverse North and South America—for two times! The mere fact that the Americas’ mainland is regarded as the longest north to south landmass in the entire world did not faze them in the two times that they did this journey together.

Learn how to travel America on a budget.

New York Times writer Jim Dwyer interviewed the unusual couple, both of whom initiated their first trip in Argentina and their second journey in Brazil (“The Point is that You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot of Money to Do What You Love”).

Below is an excerpt from his very entertaining article,

They made a firm budget of $80 a day. Ms. Marques logs every expense, from 85-cent coffee up, in their diary. He traces the route, beginning, of course, with his hometown, Morrinhos, a small city in the Goiás State of Brazil.

Read the rest of his article here. How about you though? Can you travel the Americas via land and with just an $80-a-day budget?

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